Ways to Spruce Up a Dinner Party By Peter Kuperman

Dinner Party pic

Dinner Party
Image: thekitchn.com

Entertaining may feel intimidating at first, but after several events, the activity starts to become second nature. The following are some tips for jazzing up a get-together at your home.

1. Offer nibbles in fancy dishes. The silver and crystal bowls you received for your wedding or housewarming work well for displaying treats such as olives and nuts.
2. Create a table that reflects the season. Setting a fine table builds the mood for a successful party. Look to nature, with mini-pumpkins in autumn and blooming branches in spring.
3. Select mood lighting. Instead of turning all the lights up brightly, why not utilize candles? Such low light exudes glamour and intimacy.
4. Allow guests to linger. Do not rush them out at the end of the meal. Serve coffee and tea and permit the party to end naturally.
5. Vary the music you play. One option is to begin with something upbeat from South America and follow that with a more mellow tune during the meal. Afterwards, dance music from your teen years can lighten the mood.

Peter Kuperman currently leads the investment management firm of QED Benchmark. In his spare time, Peter Kuperman enjoys honing his gourmet cooking skills.