Hatch Canada’s Coding All-Stars Gala and Competition


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Hatch Canada
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Longtime entrepreneur Peter Kuperman oversees operations at Hatch Canada as its founder and CEO. Under his guidance, the company teaches kids how to code via camps, events, and school programs. Since starting the company in 2014, Peter Kuperman has helped it grow by 13 percent month over month.

One of Hatch Canada’s many events is the Coding All-Stars Gala. An annual coding fair, Coding All-Stars is designed for all children who are interested in technology. The event is open to students of any skill level, and attendees don’t necessarily need to be from Hatch Canada. During each Coding All-Stars Gala, attendees are given the opportunity to view coding projects completed during Hatch’s prior season and try out some of the company’s robots. Children can also participate in coding games to win prizes and explore some of the company’s favorite student projects created during its $5 Fridays workshops.

In addition to these activities, Hatch Canada hosts a Coding All-Stars Competition during its annual gala. A team-based coding competition, this hack-a-thon challenges participants to create a web application that matches the day’s themes. Kids who participate in the Coding All-Stars Competition not only have the opportunity to create unique work and improve their teamwork, but can also receive mentorship from industry professionals and experienced Hatch coders.


Two Different Weekly Courses From Hatch Canada


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Hatch Canada
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Founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman, and his team provide a mastery-based coding education for kids. He established the business in 2014 and has created a library of more than 600 projects for students. Peter Kuperman recently spoke about coding education for children and discussed several coding toys in a video from CTV News. Dedicated to giving kids a high-quality coding education, Hatch Canada offers school programs, camps, and weekly classes.

Hatch Canada offers two different coding-based courses: Hatch Prime and Hatch Alpha. Hatch Prime courses provide students with a fun, inclusive learning experience. Students of all ages are invited to join. Students learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and gain access to the company’s library of more than 600 projects. By using these, students are able to build their own portfolio. All Hatch Prime courses maintain a 6:1 ratio of students to coaches. The small ratio gives every participant a personalized experience, it even allows for a flexible schedule.

Meanwhile, Hatch Alpha courses allow students to solve real-world problems. These courses are divided into three parts: Basic Python, Advanced Python Topics, and Alpha Projects. Each of these parts lasts two months and provides students with a chance to form teams and compete in computing tournaments. With these three parts, Hatch Alpha teaches everything from basic “if” statements and loops to graph theory. Classes last two hours and are designed to help students gain acceptance into top universities and other competitive academic programs.

Three Ways to Grow a Business

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Grow a Business
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For more than three years, Peter Kuperman has been leading Hatch Canada as founder and CEO. Under his leadership, the company uses a progressive, mastery-based curriculum to teach children how to code. Peter Kuperman has grown Hatch Canada by at least 13 percent every month since starting his business.

For most business owners, growing a business can be difficult, but growth is necessary for the success of a company. Following are a few ways business owners can grow their companies.

1. Open another location. For many businesses, this is the first approach to growing the company. Opening a second location can expand a company’s client base and improve operations. Before attempting this, business owners must do a great deal of research, checking trends in the industry and ensuring they have stable growth.

2. License a product. Branded services or products offer a low-cost, low-risk option for growing a business. By licensing a service or product, companies can increase their profits and expand the number of consumers they reach. When entering into a licensing deal, business owners need a competent attorney to ensure they do not lose control of their product.

3. Diversify. This growth option helps companies increase sales, improve profit margins, and serve more consumers. Depending on the company and its industry, owners can diversify by selling services or products that complement their primary offering.

Signs of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Hatch Canada
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Peter Kuperman serves as the chief executive officer of Hatch Canada, which teaches children how to code. Although he founded the company in 2014, Peter Kuperman has displayed an entrepreneurial spirit through much of his adult life. He researched and invested in real estate at the age of 18 and sold plug adapters to fellow students during his time at the University of Pennsylvania.

Owning your own business is a dream for many, but not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit. Following are three early signs that you or someone you know has the spirit of an entrepreneur:

1. High self-control. The ability to take an idea and run with it is a trademark of entrepreneurs, and it requires self-control. Many entrepreneurs have a history of rallying people or creating groups with a specific cause. They are typically capable of persisting despite failure and of managing money and activities well.

2. Capacity for risk. Although this might seem to contradict the above sign, many entrepreneurs are unhappy with how things currently are, so they seek to change them. Creating a new business or product is a risky endeavor. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take this risk, and often find themselves asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

3. Creativity: It is rare that entrepreneurs start out with every resource they need to create a successful company. Creativity allows entrepreneurs to find new, possibly better, ways of doing things and proves extremely valuable in helping a business stand out from the competition.