Plan International – Because I Am a Girl Campaign

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Plan International

Peter Kuperman and his wife consider themselves secular humanists and are both committed to doing whatever they can to make the world a better place. Peter Kuperman offers his support to a number of charities and is particularly passionate about Plan International and the nonprofit Because I Am a Girl campaign.

The campaign focuses on four key priorities that empower young women around the world, particularly in places where they may not have access to many opportunities.

These four priorities are:

Learn – All girls have the right to safe and quality learning environments. They should also have access to lifelong learning opportunities.

Lead – All girls should have the right to take equal part in the politics of their communities and countries.

Decide – All girls should have the right to decide if and when they start families or marry, and with whom.

Thrive – All girls have the right to live their lives free of violence, discrimination, and intimidation. They should also have access to equal economic opportunities.

By following these key priorities, Plan International hopes to change the lives of millions of girls around the world.

Lesser Known Groups Helping Syrian Refugees



Hatch Canada founder and CEO Peter Kuperman invests in the next wave of technology leaders by teaching children how to code through his organization. Apart from his career, Peter Kuperman is a longtime supporter of humanitarian aid organizations and has recently focused his efforts on finding ways to help Syrian refugees.

Organizations such as UNICEF and The Red Cross are among the more well-known groups aiding Syrian refugees, but other groups that are not as high-profile are also doing important work. Hand in Hand for Syria provides direct support within Syria. Rather than provide help to people who are leaving the country, this organization is focused on supporting those who are choosing to stay. Supporting their efforts through helps to provide food and other necessities to Syrians who are either unwilling or unable to flee.

In addition, The International Medical Corps is a group providing medical relief to Syrian refugees who are escaping to nearby countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. They have one such station set up in Gaziantep, which is close to the war-torn Aleppo area that has seen mass casualties during the conflict.

SOS Children’s Villages – Developing the Youth for a Brighter Future


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SOS Children’s Villages

Founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman built his company to create a fun and engaging computing-related environment for young students. With a passion to help kids, Peter Kuperman also supports SOS Children’s Villages, an international organization that provides family homes to thousands of orphans and abandoned children.

One of SOS Children’s Villages initiatives is the SOS Social Circus Program. The program targets young children who have been abused and neglected and who may have a mental illness, anxiety, or extreme feelings of distrust. The program aims to make sure kids are ready for a brighter future by teaching them life skills, which include self-awareness, emotional control, resilience and perseverance, and interpersonal skills. Specifically, it

When developed among the young people, these soft skills are expected to help them build healthy relationships, connect with and participate in their communities, and become successful in academics and their future professions.

For two years now, the program has shown commendable success in instilling these crucial skills as evidenced by its more self-confident, more disciplined, and more resilient beneficiaries.

Peter Kuperman: Full Circle Fund

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Full Circle Fund

The philanthropic Full Circle Fund strives to cultivate leadership and social change throughout the San Francisco Bay area. The Fund consists of a diverse group of individuals from a cross-section of the community, including successful business people, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and government officials as well as representatives of nonprofit organizations.

Members join forces with nonprofits to provide business assistance in three key areas, or circles: global economic opportunity, environment, and education. The group decides which projects to support via monetary grants and hands-on assistance after conducting extensive research, site visits, and many hours of meetings.

Citizens who are interested in social issues across the Bay Area are welcome to apply for membership. Donations, sponsorships, and volunteer contributions help the Fund do its work. Financial contributions to Full Circle Fund are tax deductible.

Supporting several forward-thinking organizations, Mr. Kuperman has belonged to Full Circle Fund’s Education Circle since 2008.