About Peter Kuperman

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Kuperman holds bachelors’ degrees in both economics and computer science engineering. Formerly a member of the Full Circle Fund’s Education Circle, Peter Kuperman has switched his career focus from investment to education. As founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman leads Hatch’s educational programs focused on teaching children how to code. Having spent more than a year mapping and coding exercises for Khan Academy, he adopted the organization’s mastery-based approach for his new education company. In his free time, Peter Kuperman maintains an active lifestyle. An avid athlete, he has trained since his time in college. During Philadelphia’s worst snowstorm on record, he ran on the main commuter highway that connected the suburbs to downtown Philadelphia because it had been shut down due to the snow. That was eventful, but not as eventful as running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain – a bucket-list item he checked off around the same time. Later, he moved to California to further his training. Peter Kuperman trained with the Nike Farm Team at Stanford under Jeff Johnson and, with the help of his coach, was able to qualify for his first Boston Marathon. Mr. Kuperman went on to run Boston twice more before hanging up his competitive race shoes


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