Sponsoring a Village with SOS Children’s Villages

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SOS Children’s Villages
Image: sos-childrensvillages.org

As the founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman says his greatest happiness comes from seeing students learn computer code through an engaging mastery-based curriculum. Outside of his work with Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman supports SOS Children’s Villages, an international charity dedicated to providing housing for children who have been orphaned or abandoned in over 130 countries worldwide.

As the charity’s name suggests, SOS Children’s Villages runs more than 550 “children’s villages,” where children can experience a warm family and loving home. This helps to ensure that each child’s health, food, and shelter needs are met. One of the many ways people can support SOS Children’s Villages is by sponsoring one of their many villages.

For a monthly recurring donation of $25, donors help SOS Children’s Villages cover the costs of their villages. These costs include staff salaries, home maintenance, and the new acquisition of household items like furniture and appliances. Regarding donations, 80.5 percent of each contribution goes to the designated village, while 19.5 percent helps pay for promotions, communications, and other villages run by SOS Children’s Villages.

Upon becoming a village sponsor, individuals receive a welcome letter along with information regarding the country where the sponsored village is located. Also included is a description and photo of the specific village being sponsored.