Hatch Canada’s Coding All-Stars Gala and Competition


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Hatch Canada
Image: blog.hatchcanada.com

Longtime entrepreneur Peter Kuperman oversees operations at Hatch Canada as its founder and CEO. Under his guidance, the company teaches kids how to code via camps, events, and school programs. Since starting the company in 2014, Peter Kuperman has helped it grow by 13 percent month over month.

One of Hatch Canada’s many events is the Coding All-Stars Gala. An annual coding fair, Coding All-Stars is designed for all children who are interested in technology. The event is open to students of any skill level, and attendees don’t necessarily need to be from Hatch Canada. During each Coding All-Stars Gala, attendees are given the opportunity to view coding projects completed during Hatch’s prior season and try out some of the company’s robots. Children can also participate in coding games to win prizes and explore some of the company’s favorite student projects created during its $5 Fridays workshops.

In addition to these activities, Hatch Canada hosts a Coding All-Stars Competition during its annual gala. A team-based coding competition, this hack-a-thon challenges participants to create a web application that matches the day’s themes. Kids who participate in the Coding All-Stars Competition not only have the opportunity to create unique work and improve their teamwork, but can also receive mentorship from industry professionals and experienced Hatch coders.