Two Different Weekly Courses From Hatch Canada


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Hatch Canada

Founder and CEO of Hatch Canada, Peter Kuperman, and his team provide a mastery-based coding education for kids. He established the business in 2014 and has created a library of more than 600 projects for students. Peter Kuperman recently spoke about coding education for children and discussed several coding toys in a video from CTV News. Dedicated to giving kids a high-quality coding education, Hatch Canada offers school programs, camps, and weekly classes.

Hatch Canada offers two different coding-based courses: Hatch Prime and Hatch Alpha. Hatch Prime courses provide students with a fun, inclusive learning experience. Students of all ages are invited to join. Students learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and gain access to the company’s library of more than 600 projects. By using these, students are able to build their own portfolio. All Hatch Prime courses maintain a 6:1 ratio of students to coaches. The small ratio gives every participant a personalized experience, it even allows for a flexible schedule.

Meanwhile, Hatch Alpha courses allow students to solve real-world problems. These courses are divided into three parts: Basic Python, Advanced Python Topics, and Alpha Projects. Each of these parts lasts two months and provides students with a chance to form teams and compete in computing tournaments. With these three parts, Hatch Alpha teaches everything from basic “if” statements and loops to graph theory. Classes last two hours and are designed to help students gain acceptance into top universities and other competitive academic programs.