Signs of an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Hatch Canada pic

Hatch Canada

Peter Kuperman serves as the chief executive officer of Hatch Canada, which teaches children how to code. Although he founded the company in 2014, Peter Kuperman has displayed an entrepreneurial spirit through much of his adult life. He researched and invested in real estate at the age of 18 and sold plug adapters to fellow students during his time at the University of Pennsylvania.

Owning your own business is a dream for many, but not everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit. Following are three early signs that you or someone you know has the spirit of an entrepreneur:

1. High self-control. The ability to take an idea and run with it is a trademark of entrepreneurs, and it requires self-control. Many entrepreneurs have a history of rallying people or creating groups with a specific cause. They are typically capable of persisting despite failure and of managing money and activities well.

2. Capacity for risk. Although this might seem to contradict the above sign, many entrepreneurs are unhappy with how things currently are, so they seek to change them. Creating a new business or product is a risky endeavor. Entrepreneurs are not afraid to take this risk, and often find themselves asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

3. Creativity: It is rare that entrepreneurs start out with every resource they need to create a successful company. Creativity allows entrepreneurs to find new, possibly better, ways of doing things and proves extremely valuable in helping a business stand out from the competition.