Peter Kuperman: Full Circle Fund

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Full Circle Fund

The philanthropic Full Circle Fund strives to cultivate leadership and social change throughout the San Francisco Bay area. The Fund consists of a diverse group of individuals from a cross-section of the community, including successful business people, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and government officials as well as representatives of nonprofit organizations.

Members join forces with nonprofits to provide business assistance in three key areas, or circles: global economic opportunity, environment, and education. The group decides which projects to support via monetary grants and hands-on assistance after conducting extensive research, site visits, and many hours of meetings.

Citizens who are interested in social issues across the Bay Area are welcome to apply for membership. Donations, sponsorships, and volunteer contributions help the Fund do its work. Financial contributions to Full Circle Fund are tax deductible.

Supporting several forward-thinking organizations, Mr. Kuperman has belonged to Full Circle Fund’s Education Circle since 2008.