Engaging in Local Philanthropy: Full Circle Fund

Full Circle Fund

Creating lasting social change and providing engaging philanthropic opportunities is an important part of any community. Members of the Full Circle Fund are dedicated to fostering both of those ideas by volunteering time, donating money, and offering their skills to non-profit groups, local businesses, and government agencies.

Peter Kuperman, a member of the Full Circle Fund since 2008, explains that the goals of the organization are to find and train leadership within a community as well as make a difference in three key community areas: education, global economic opportunity, and within the environment. While the Full Circle Fund appreciates any financial assistance its members can offer, member Peter Kuperman believes that a true community gift is intellectual support and experience as professionals.

Members like Peter Kuperman bring three qualities to the Full Circle Fund: cause, commitment, and capacity. Through these three important traits, Full Circle Fund members can be impactful within their projects and drive change in an effective manner.