Tips for Healthy Cooking, Part 2, by Peter Kuperman

In this article, I discuss healthy substitutions designed to reduce fat while keeping your favorite foods as tasty as ever, as well as other healthful cooking tips and suggestions.

4. Use Low-fat Ingredients in Meals

Preserving taste is important, as most people crave foods for their flavor instead of their nutrition. With a few careful substitutions, you can serve up the best of both worlds. Examine your favorite meals and pick out ingredients that could be changed into low-fat items without impacting flavor. For example, use egg whites instead of whole eggs to lower cholesterol and maintain approximately the same taste.

Use Applesauce in Brownies-Bowl filled with fruit

Use Applesauce in Brownies Posted by MarkusHagenlocher

5. Serve Fruit-based Desserts

To further reduce fat and sugar, you might consider serving fruit-based desserts instead of the three Cs: cookies, cakes, and candies. Sure, you could serve a bowl of assorted fruits and pass it off as dessert, but remember, you do not need to sacrifice your favorite tastes to eat healthier. If you must eat cake, try adding a fruit sauce instead of whipped cream. For cold treats, pass on ice cream and opt for frozen yogurt.

need not resign yourself to extra pounds in exchange for consuming a favorite sweet. Cut the amount of shortening you use in half by substituting yogurt, applesauce, mashed bananas, or pureed prunes. In the end, your favorite dessert will turn out just as moist but with half the fat.

6. Use Low-fat Ingredients in Desserts

Our favorite treats tend to be as sinfully unhealthy as they are scrumptious, yet you

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