Outreach Coordinator Peter Kuperman on the Khan Academy

By Peter Kuperman

The brainchild of educator Salman Khan, the Khan Academy, offers more than 2,400 instructional online videos. The antithesis of scripted, monotone lectures, the presentations breathe life into math, physics, chemistry, and other subjects. Salman Khan recorded each video, determined to share his love of learning and bring intuitive concepts into the education process. Envisioning a world-class virtual school that is free to everyone, he hopes the Khan Academy will become self-sustaining within a few years.

It’s been my great pleasure to serve as the Khan Academy’s Outreach Coordinator for 18 months. During that time, I coordinated a team of selfless volunteers who were dedicated to mapping videos and exercises to the United States’ Common Core. I personally coded 25 exercises that still exist on the Khan Academy website. In addition, with the financial support of California’s Full Circle Fund, we built the first teacher resources of the Khan Academy. I was also personally responsible for booking Sal Khan’s guest appearance on the Colbert Report.

This experience inspired me to understand what is possible in the world of teaching and learning. For someone like me, who is more naturally introverted and something of an autodidact, it has been truly enlightening to delve into questions pertaining to education and good pedagogical practice. It is something that continues to influence me and the work that I do.